The name speaks for itself – fruitwork.

We want to work for you. Our aim is to continuously support our customers with innovative advice.

Safe product quality has top priority for us. To be able to ensure this, we collaborate solely with suppliers and service providers who successfully complete an extensive audit. Certification to GlobalGAP/IFS is essential.

We have exclusive partnerships and so provide the necessary flexibility and dynamism to orient our work to our customers’ needs.

Producing and supplying high-quality goods is our highest priority. We have supplied our product range to our customers under this premise from the very start.

Fixed processes and regular inspections ensure that product quality and safety are as high as they can be.

Incoming goods inspection

A good start begins with a strict inspection.

Whether it is a container in the port or stock control of the goods directly at the packaging facility. We inspect our raw materials according to statutory regulations, and also according to the additional quality standards we have set. An initial inspection is important to us. Only then is a safe production process ensured. We have found competent partners here. Eurofins Analytik GmbH Wiertz-Eggert-Jörissen carries out all resultant raw material and product inspections according to fixed test parameters and supports us with current issues, and that keeps us continuously up to date.